Mary Chronopoulou: Prosecutorial order for her death – “She did not fall alone”

New developments regarding the legendary opened a new deposit cycle. Cases of accident or murder. Lawyer Dimitris Hatzimihalis speaking on the show “You still saw nothing”, regarding the death of actress Mary Chronopoulou said: “The investigation turns in all directions”. It opened a new deposit cycle after the latest developments and what was revealed. He stressed that the case-file on Mary Chronopoulou’s death was forwarded by the Piania Police Department to the DA’s office, which ordered a preliminary hearing by the GADA Homicide Department. According to the lawyer, he appeared as a witness, who knows important evidence and will testify, in order to help investigate the case. It is recalled that the beloved actress had slipped from the steps of her home living room in Paiania, severely hitting the head and staying down and unconscious on the floor for hours. “A man who moves slowly, because he had motor problems, could not fall with such tension and strike, and even hit a carpet. She did not fall alone, we believe that someone either pushed her or hit her in the head,” said Mr. Hatzimichalis, stressing that the case has many dark spots.