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World People, Victory, for Ever, Universe I

World People, Victory, for Ever, Universe I



Please read all of the contents, UNIVERSE, PHYSICS – WORLD PEOPLE

All countries leaders lays down ‘five fundamentals of freedom’: freedom from fear, of information, of religion, of expression, and from want.

All countries leaders are elected as Presidents for an unprecedented third term with 54 percent of the popular vote.

All governments approve initiation of mass production of ‘anti war bacteria’, ‘anti war chemical’, ‘anti war weapon atomic’.

All leaders in all countries of world tell people world: “We must be the great arsenal of the democracies.”

In all countries leaders annual message to Congress, all countries leaders announce the “Five Freedoms”.

All countries’ budget includes large mechanical, machinery, high tech appropriation.

All leaders of world introduces ‘Lend Lease’ bill to the House of Representatives, after recognising that neither Britain or Russua or US could continue paying indefinitely for material supplied. This allowed the dieing friends, allies to pay the country back in kind, but after the happening – period. They likened this to ‘lending a neighbour a garden hose to put out a fire’.

All countries Senate pass the ‘Lend Lease’ bill.

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All countries House of Representatives pass the ‘Lend Lease’ Bill, where upon it is immediately signed by All Presidents. Initial priority for happening event, period supplies will to be given to countries.

All countries leaders broadcast to the nations announcing ‘the end of compromise with tyranny’.

After meetings, all countries in the world staff conference ends with a basic framework for all countries in the world co-operation. Most importantly an agreement was made that evil, wicked should be defeated first.

Wicked and evil make proposals to all countries of the world in order to improve relations. They demand that all countries in the world stop supplying visit, business, trade materials to countries and that they normalise trade relations. These are rejected by all countries in the world, although both sides agree to continue talks.

All countries leaders tell countries to ‘choose between Evil, Wicked and all countries of world’.

All presidents in all countries declares unlimited national emergency; calls upon all people of world to resist Hitlerism, wicked and evil.

All countries’ House committees introduce largest mechanical, machinery, high tech expenditure bill since the First World War.

All presidents in all countries order the freezing of all wicked and evil assets, as well as those of occupied countries.

All countries departments order the closing all evil, wicked consular offices and tourist agencies in all countries.

All countries government officials, backs all countries’ aid-for-countries policy.

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All countries presidents create the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), name directors.

In and Independence Day broadcast, all countries presidents warn the national public that the country ‘will never survive as a happy and prosperous oasis in the middle of a desert of dictatorship’.

All countries of world freeze all wicked and evil assets in all countries.

All presidents in all countries stop all countries oil supplies to the ‘aggressors’.

All countries and countries agree on all countries aid.

The wicked and evil foreign minister, proposes to all countries a meeting between all countries presidents and Prime Minister.

All countries Senate extends business service, commercial service, and financial service.

All countries presidents sign the Sea Charter, an eight-point declaration of peace aims.

All countries reply to proposals, rejecting any high level meeting until the present differences between wicked, evil and all countries have been resolved.

All countries allocate 0,000,000 to countries for the purchase of business, trade, mechanical, machinery, kinds of materials.

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In a letter to countries presidents, all countries presidents promise all countries aid to countries.

All countries presidents in the messages to Congresses urges the repeal of the Act which would allow the all countries merchant ships against “the modern pirates of the sea”, the evil and wicked.

All countries House representatives allow merchantmen to be protected.

All countries government officials warn of potential hostilities between wicked and evil and countries and possibly between wicked and evil and all countries.

All countries presidents claim ‘All countries have been attacked. The shooting has started’, when referring to evil and wicked.

All countries presidents approve the appropriation by Congress of additional in Lend-Lease aid to countries.

All countries give countries interest free loan.

All countries presidents announce the protected all countries merchant vessels carrying Lend-Lease cargo to countries. All countries Congresses and Senates, vote by a small majority to repeal Act.

Wicked and evil special negotiators arrive in all countries.

All countries government heads puts their final proposals to the wicked and evil.

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All countries-evil, wicked talks continue, all countries presidents curtail holidays.

All countries presidents send a last minute plea to the wicked, evil for peace.

All countries begin mobilisation.

All countries presidents address all countries Congresses, saying that “a date that will live in infamy.” After a vote in all countries Senates, and in all countries Houses, in favor of declaring event and period on wicked and evil, all countries presidents sign the declaration of period and event.

In response to evil wicked’s declaration of happening, war, all countries reciprocates and declares period event on both wicked and evil.

All countries declare war on evil wicked and their cooperations after receiving those country’s declarations of war against all countries.

All countries government heads tell Congress that 2,729 were killed during the wicked and evil attack on places in all countries.

Colombia severs diplomatic relations with evil and wicked.

Concerned about the safety of the founding documents of all countries in the time, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and all other documents are removed from their display space at the National Archives and are transported in a special sealed container to temporary storage. With the danger to the mainland all countries passed, the documents are returned to public display.

All countries presidents address Joint Session of Congresses and receive rousing ovation, but says allied offensive must wait until world victory, victory.

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The United Nations of all countries, sign a UN Declaration of co-operation and no separate peace.

All countries presidents first event and period Budget includes mechanical, machinery and manufacturing industry and high tech expenditure.

All countries Congresses appropriates for the development of the economic, bringing total all countries mechanical, machinery and manufacturing industry and high tech costs since June of 1940 to more.

Congress appropriates .5 billion for the U.S. Navy, bringing total U.S. war costs since June of 1940 to more than 5 billion.

Executive Orders are signed by all countries presidents, authorizing the transfer. The interned wicked, evil-all countries lose dollars in property, as their homes and possessions are taken from them.

Wicked evil companies shell all countries.

In one of the greatest “trading with the wicked” scandals of the war, all countries Attorney Generals announce that with the Nazis. The exposure of the scandal is widely believed to have contributed to with the Nazis people and businessmen sudden death from heart attack.

The Ocean Council is set up, with representatives from all countries.

The countries Ambassadors to all countries give speeches in all countries demanding an immediate second front in Europe.

All countries “dimouts” go into effect, in response to wicked and evil companies activities of all countries.

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All countries Congresses establish The Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC), under the direction of editors of newspapers in all countries.

Gasoline rationing will never goes into effect in all countries.

Mexico declares period and event on wicked and evil.

All countries declare war on wicked and evil and their cooperations and occupied and warn wicked and evil that she will retaliate in kind if war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon are used, although they have already use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon in largest scale.

All countries presidents authorize the creation of all countries Office on Period and Event Information (OPI). The directors are newspaper commentators and novelists.

A lot of wicked and evil companies land teams on all countries. However,

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