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    {Title} Bloody clashes between foreign prisoners happened yesterday and today in Korydallos prison, resulting in the wounding of at least 15 people and two prison officers who tried to intervene. Please note that by late afternoon there was no information on the events which were known by the Greek Federation penitentiary.
    According …..
    Communication of the Federation of Greek prison officers yesterday afternoon C wing in the central prison in the country foreign prisoners were being beaten with a sharp object between them. The prison officials Nikos Petropoulos and Angel Chantzikonstantis attempted to intervene and injured themselves – the first went to where he underwent surgery at 6 stitches while the second received blows from iron in the shoulder. Finally, shortly after 01.00 in the morning and prosecutors present, the situation calmed down and the prisoners returned to their cells.

    Follow played this afternoon in the B wing, where again we were clashes between foreign prisoners luckily no one reported serious injury. Both wings have undergone extensive material damage.

    The Prison Officers Association Greece is “deeply concerned and controlled rage for recurrent episodes in all prisons, incidents which shape and drive the developments in our prison system, such as stress.

    On the causes of violent incidents, the Federation refers to the version of “The two main causes are ypersymforisi prison with significant effects on the conditions of detention prisoners and the change of the criminal map the mutation of delinquent behavior by offending both out in society and in prisons in detention

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