With the pink flag “dressed” the facade of the Municipality of Athens for Women’s World Day

The facade of the City Hall of Athens was “dressed” early Friday afternoon (08.03.2024) with its pink flag, on the occasion of the . The work of Georgia Lale, which represents the Greek flag with pink color, had provoked reactions from the Foreign Ministry last December when it was placed in a place of the Consulate General and now adorns the Municipal Palace for Women’s World Day. Today, as part of actions by the Municipality of Athens on Women’s Day, the artist with the performance of the pink flag “dressed” the facade of Athens City Hall, using the 3D projection mapping technology. With her report, Georgia Lale, who lives permanently in New York City, mentions victims of female murder and honors people who experience domestic violence. “International Women’s Day 2024 is an excuse to unite our voices in favour of empowering women and against gender violence,” said the mayor of Athens, Harry Duke. View this post on Instagram “The Municipality of Athens through a series of actions invites all citizens to embrace diversity and to overthrow stereotypes. aimed at a fairer and inclusive society. MUSIC, let us create the conditions for a world of gender understanding and equality and ensure that every woman enjoys acceptance, respect, appreciation and equal participation,” he noted.