Lamia – AEK: The Super League playoffs are definitely without people

Without spectators the race will take place Lamia – for the premiere of its playoffs , with the Hellenic Republic through its announcement to announce this decision. The Super League playoffs will be premiered permanently without people, with the Lamia – AEK race in the IDD being held behind closed doors. The CEAB announced that after police control the cameras do not function as prescribed by the law, thus the game cannot be played in the presence of spectators. This will result in Lamia – AEK taking place in front of empty stands, in a decision that caused intense discontent from people who wanted to be on the field. The Communication from the Commission ‘The Standing Committee on Violence announces that, by its No. 7/08-03-2024 decision, it rejected the request for treatment of PAE LAMIA 1964 to revoke its No. 6/2024 decision, since the claim made by the applicant FC is not confirmed by any evidence or document the applicant itself had to provide. Therefore, the No. 6/2024 decision to impose administrative sanctions on the conduct of the LAMIA 1964 – AEK FC race to be held at the DAK LAMIA sports facility “ATH. DIAKOS” on Sunday 10 March 2024, for the organisation of the professional Super League Football Championship 2023/2024, without the presence of spectators, as it was found by the competent Police Authority that the cameras of the electronic surveillance system at the above stage were not fully operational as prescribed by the law.”