WHO: The destruction of Al Shifa hospital eradicated the heart of the health system in Gaza

The destruction of Al Shifa in is an irreparable blow according to the World Health Organization. “Al Shifa’s destruction means rooting out the health system’s heart,” said WHO spokesman Margaret Harris. “It was the point where people go to receive the kind of care that provides a really good health system, that we in our own societies expect to have in case we need it.” Israeli forces left Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City yesterday after a two-week operation by the special forces, during which they arrested hundreds of suspected Palestinian militants while leaving behind burned land with damaged buildings. Meanwhile, at least 32,916 Palestinians have been killed and 75,494 have been wounded by Israeli blows in the Gaza Strip since 7 October, the Hamas Health Ministry has announced today. In the last 24 hours, 71 Palestinians were killed, according to the ministry’s announcement.