MasterChef 2024: Creativity Test requires imagination and flexibility

In yesterday’s episode (Monday 1/4) the Bordeaux brig was the winner of the Mystery Box test, with a final score of 4–3. It was Marios John who presented the best dish and won the prize money of 1,000 euros! From the voting process in the gray brigada emerged as the first candidate for departure, Stamatis Stavropoulos. A vote, which clearly brought out the rivalries between the members of the gray brigada, with Stamatis and Vivi Zissimopoulou coming to a confrontation. The 14 cooks and cooks, who still hold their place in the competition, each day that passes, realize that they no longer have any room for mistakes. In every test they should give everything and leave nothing to their fate, because any failures and culinary “distortions” will call into question their stay in MasterChef 2024’s kitchen. Creativity test, tonight, Tuesday, April 2nd, with Giannis Kourtoglou, leader of the Bordeaux brigada, having all the advantages in his hands, once again. Advantages, which in the past did not yield the results he had imagined and calculated. The three main materials of today’s test, peanut butter, jam with forest fruits and tahini, should be used by contestants to make a salt dish, requiring all their ingenuity and cooking imagination. Which of the two brigs will avoid, at the end of the day, the voting process and who or what will be the second candidate to leave?