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Which drinks fit the easter fasting table?

The Clean Wednesday opens Lent in the most delicious way, as always combined with a feature-rich snacks table…
With what drink accompanied each appetizer but, ouzo, raki or wine?
The Clean Monday, doesn’t want formal, relaxed gathering and a friendly talk, with good mood of the group to be supported by the nibbling of σαρακοστιανών snacks, filled the table in combinations of classical, or subversive, depending on the imagination and the products of each place. Feel like you have to try! Of course, the flavors that land on the table, looking for the drink that will ακομπανιάρει the whole package of joy. Most people choose between the 3 classic and favourite -ouzo, tsipouro and wine. Let’s see, well, what is the ideal “fusion”.
Ouzo, the favorite of seafood
With the pleasant scent thanks to the essential oils of the seeds of anise, of unequal and fennel, ouzo starring at a table with seafood, such as the easter fasting. With a little water or ice the essential oils give the well-known emulsion on the glass and the aroma is released, flooding the senses.
The μαστιχωτό octopus, which comes μοσχοβολιστό the coals looking for the ouzo, and the shellfish – clams, bubbles, arkshells, mussels, scallops, shiny-as well as the grilled shrimp and crawfish with coarse salt. The sprinkled with plenty of sesame lagana again, he dives without hesitation into the ξινούτσικη authentic taramasalata, accompanied with fried artichokes and gives the trigger to raise the ψηλόλιγνα glasses with ouzo, while the ταραμοκεφτέδες, the avgotaraho of Messolonghi and the τσιροσαλάτα with plenty of dill blend voluptuously with the γλυκανισάτα aromas of the drink.
Raki, a spirit made of all-weather
The yalanci dolma, the “fake” only false is not so with the rice, the abundance of fragrant and the onion, and crisp pickles of any kind, bulbs, hot peppers, salted or smoked fish, oftes potatoes and grilled mushrooms mix very well with the moonshine. The spicy flavors will fade next to the capsule, and the raki is a drink with high alcoholic strength of the faces with the comfort of the strong flavors. Now if you prefer tsipouro with aniseed or without, this is a matter of taste. He noted, however, that just as many claim the γλυκανισάτο moonshine stimulates the appetite and helps in digestion.
What is the position of the wine on the table with the kosher to you?
The classic approach of “marrying” wine and food is based on the principle that we combine a wine with a particular food. So, we usually start with an appetizer and a white wine, following the main dish if it’s meat we fit the most a lot of times with a red wine and at the end, with dessert, choose a sweet wine. The table of Lent, however, take the place of a lot of different dishes, flavors unregulated, which makes difficult the choice of wine partner. For this selected drinks with a very strong taste, which cope with the strong taste intensities, but also “rinse” the mouth of the previous taste preparing to accept the next bite.
If you’re a unrepentant friend of the wine, he noted that the wine-wildcard for all of the appetizers is the retsina, bearing the anarchy of the πολυσυλλεκτικού Greek table. For more specific match-ups, again:
* Shellfish and grilled fish, matched with wines with a relatively full body and a pleasant acidity, such as those of Santorini from the Assyrtiko variety, or a Chardonnay.
* A “valuable” appetizer such as the smoked eel with the delicious and buttery texture, it searches for the acidity of a wine, Viognier last from the barrel.
* Black-eyed beans made the salad and combined with octopus tentacles sautéed with onion and flavored with wine, accompanied perfectly with a rosé wine from Amyntaio and charismatic variety Xinomavro.
* The sea saltiness of the cuttlefish, which blends with the wild greens of spring, backing, a white wine from the cretan variety Vilana.
* Sardines are requesting next to them a bottle of wine with nerve and volume, such as a dry white wine made from the Savatiano variety.
* A salad with green beans, zucchini and asparagus goes very well with a vivid Malagouzia.
* And for the traditional halva? I will escort you with an aged sweet wine Vinsanto and as for the sweets suitable wine companion is a sweet wine from the Muscat variety.

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