Which candidate “threw” the Trump out of the race.

    The primary election in Indiana was the swan song of the….
    Ted Cruz for the nomination of the Republican party ahead of the presidential election of November in the united states. The Senator from Texas has officially announced that he is retiring from the race and leaving a free field to Donald Trump!
    While he had yet to even complete the counting of the votes in Indiana, Cruz, with his wife Heidi at his side, announced that it is withdrawing from the battle for the nomination of the Republican party. “Together, we left it all on the ground in Indiana. We gave it our best. But the voters chose another path, so, it is with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our country, we’re suspending our campaign,” said the Texan Senator in a speech to his supporters.
    After the departure of the Cruise from the race for the nomination, Donald Trump, lives alone, and the only candidate able to “lock” the nomination automatically, gathering them 1.237 electoral votes needed.
    The Cruise initially seemed that it would go to the national conference in July, but a series of large defeats in primaries in the northeast states and in Indiana convinced him that he has no future in the race.
    The defeat at Indiana was the culmination of a difficult day for the Cruise during which he was in counter with the Trump. The anger was triggered when the Trump said in a video presentation that the father of the member, Cuban immigrant Rafael Cruz, were associated with the killer of John f. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. The Trump was referring to in his article (κουτσομπολίστικου) National Enquirer.
    Walk Trump
    Donald Trump won the elections in the state of Indiana and now, after this victory and the resignation of Cruz, the road to securing the nomination of the Republican party to be the candidate of the party in the November elections is wide open. And that’s exactly what it is that is giving me a headache the leaders of the Republican party.
    The eccentric billionaire seemed, from the outset, the winner of the primaries in the state of Indiana, in accordance with the television shows right after they closed the polling stations. The Trump won almost 50% of the votes, leaving Cruz in second, and governor of Ohio, John Κέισικ third with a difference.
    The Cruise was based on a victory in Indiana to halt the path towards the nomination. But the Trump was getting a lot of momentum with his victories in five northeastern states a week ago, with the result that the big difference from the Cruise, of which the particular christian conservatism of the was expected to of the given votes.
    “The liar Ted Cruz has consistently reiterated that it will win and should win Indiana. If you don’t do it I’ll have to resign from the race for the nomination – to stop wasting time and money”, had stated earlier in the Trump by… tweets