Google launches the first robot for manual tasks [video]

Can Google recently made for sale Boston Dynamics, but this does not mean that it stops dealing with the particular area, as there is still the …
which is part of the Alphabet X (previously known as Google X).
In the margin of the New Economic Summit in Japan, the SCHAFT presented a new biped robot, which has no official name yet, but it is capable of climbing stairs, walking on uneven ground and is balanced.
The robot is shown walking in various conditions where the person could have a hard time, walking in sand, rocky terrain and snow. During the video he seems to be able to handle even the random obstacles put in front of him, holding the balance.
It can even handle the interchange ground even when carrying a heavy load. This is an indication that this kind of robot can be used to replace people in hard manual jobs. They can reach more easily in difficult conditions that would have a hard time man.
So far, there are already robots that have taken over a big piece of work that was done by human hands, to build cars, work in factories, build houses, etc.
However, the particular a biped robot could be useful in most everyday tasks such as helping the elderly, carrying the shopping and climbing stairs.
At the moment Google doesn’t give any more details, nor when it will be ready to be released.