What names for transcripts is in the list of the Savvides

The last time Ivan Savvides discuss with people, outside of PAOK, which… trusts for their knowledge in football and asks for suggestions for players at the positions, looking for the group.
In the list there are players who it is that they can offer directly in the GAME. According to reports on sport24.gr, big names such as Ciro Immobile, but four players from the domestic championship. The week the 56 year-an entrepreneur is expected to be located in Thessaloniki and has contacts with his associates, in order to determine how it will prioritise the objectives and how the negotiations will take from now on.
Of the names that make sense in the list that is in the hands of the Savvides is that of Ciro Immobile, for which, however, due to the fact that it is aggressive and not a great huff, the important part of this game is accompanied by some scenarios.
What is this? That potential coming to the Mound will mean the sale of the Klaus or the withdrawal Μπερπάτοφ (who had not completely closed the issue at the Press conference on the eve of the match with Dortmund in Germany. At least for the moment, and the two don’t seem to be anything alarming on the horizon.
Among the players who are fighting in Greece and included in the recommendations to the Savvides is, according to sport24.gr, and Dimitris Χατζηισαΐας. The 23-year-old Κατερινιώτης central defender has left very good impressions to the people of PAOK with the instances that make Panionios and want to integrate it into the dynamic of the Biceps. But the fact that Panionios is facing licensing problems make it difficult to acquire in this particular time period and the theme go for the summer.