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What does Kon. Tzavaras, the Prime minister

The person Responsible for the Area of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights of the New Republic, a Member of Ilia, mr Konstantinos Tzavaras, on the occasion of the…
report of the Prime minister, mr Tsipras on his face during his speech to the Central Committee of SYRIZA, made the following statement:
“When the prime Minister allows himself the mockery to carry out publicly to refute particular values statements of his political opponents, which he or his associates have built, then, is not undermined simply the foundation of the republic, which is the sincere and honest dialogue, but confirmed what we already whispering the whole society: that mr Tsipras and the SYRIZA have “tap” the democratic duty of the government of the country entrusted to them by the Greek people and have turned it into a possibility of establishing a political regime of totalitarian type. A εθνικολαϊκιστικού regime that systematically uses an unprecedented propaganda to transforms and calls out as enemies of the people those who are critical of the Government and the Prime minister for use of unconstitutional practices, control of the media and the Justice.
These are the political methods of the government it seems that I managed to escape and my statements, which referred to the despicable use of threats against the judicial opinion of the well-known anymore, vice-president of the Council of State. The negative information on the private life of that διακινούντο anonymously at the expense of the became suddenly and photographic designer from the party organ of SYRIZA, the day after the expression of opinion of the first conference of the Coe, which has been convened to decide on the unconstitutionality of the law and Pappa. It is clear that the statement connecting the personal stigmatisation suffered by such judge as a result of expression of opinion. And looking for mr Tsipras and his colleagues are not going to find my statement that refers to the content of the opinion of the judge, i.e. if it was positive or negative for the unconstitutionality of the law, Pappa, since I’m not in a position to know exactly what was discussed during the conference. Moreover, it follows directly not only from the wording of my statement, referred to in the opinion on the unconstitutionality of the law Pappa (as it is known, the object of the trial is the judicial diagnosis of unconstitutionality of the contested administrative acts and not the constitutionality of them), but also by the sequence of events, since to date the court has not dealt with the main hearing of the case has not, therefore, becomes a matter of opinion in favour of or against the unconstitutionality of the law and Pappa.
Sad, though, remains the fact that the prime Minister adopted a “go for” comment on the statement that it was from the website “The box of Pandora”, where the issues of Justice happens to be being used systematically by the Government, either as a υποβολείον either as a recipient of leaks. But one thing is certain, that every time mr Tsipras will open the “Pandora’s box” to be informed of what is happening around him, the country will suffer unless the other ills that come from such “boxes” and by the irreversible political damage of the decay of democratic institutions, derived from the persistence of the Government to treat power as an end in itself.

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