West Ham – Tottenham 1-1: Draw in London derby

Or and she emerged tied with a score of 1-1 in the London derby of the 31st race for the Premier League. Tottenham led the score only in the 5th minute thanks to Brennan Johnson, with West Ham tied in 19–1 with Kurt Zuma’s goal. The game had several opportunities, however neither team was able to score, resulting in the “forges” and “petins” sharing from a point. Main throughout the match for the hosts was Dinos Mavropanos, having overall good performance. Detailed results of Tuesday (2/04/24) in the Premier League Newcastle Everton 1-1 Nottingham Forest-Fulham 3-1 Bornmouth- Crystal Palace 1-0 Burnley-Wolves 1-1 West Ham-Tottenham 1-1