Juventus – Lazio 2–0: Qualifying step in the Copa Italia final

Juventus won Manda’s Lazio 2-0 in their first semi-final for Copa Italia and took a qualification lead for the final. The first and most decisive step to qualify for the Italian Cup final for the 22nd time in its History was by Juventus, who easily defeated Lazio with the “pure” 2–0 at “Allianz Stadium” in the first semi-final and gained a clear lead to give the “present” in the final game of 15 May. Just four days, after the previous two teams race for Serie A’s 30th race (30/3) and the “Lachiali” win 1–0 in Rome, the “vekia Signora” took her… blood back, with two “hits” in the second half. In 50′ the amazing vertical pass of Campiasos found Kiezas in the venue and the international Italian striker defeated Christos Mandas (basic in another match) for her 1-0 “Lady”. In 64′ from McKenney’s assist, Vlahovic made 2–0 for “Yuve” giving his team a very strong lead. Lazio had her own big “time” in 39′ with Luis Alberto’s attempt to hit Perin’s beam, while in 86′ Mandas made great intervention in Wea’s effort, keeping the score at 2–0 levels. The rematch will be held on Tuesday, April 23, at the ‘Olimpico’ in Rome.