West Bank: Dead 13-year-old Palestinian and one seriously injured in Israeli military raid

During an Israeli military operation in Kampatiya she was dropped by a 13-year-old while a boy is seriously injured, as hospital doctors of the neighboring city of Jenin reported. In the city of Kabatiya was killed early this morning (30.03.2024) a 13-year-old and another boy was seriously injured. The incident with the dead teenager occurred during a raid on the occupied West Bank by the Israeli army. Eyewitnesses in Kampatiya, located about five kilometers south of Jenin, said Israeli soldiers were attacking the city by placing snipers on the rooftops and raiding houses. They arrested a man and his son. The same sources said armed Palestinians exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers. There is no information from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) about the incident in the Genin region, which is considered a hot spot for armed Palestinian action. The dead teenager was buried by his expatriates shortly after announcing his death.