Lamia: She was injured pregnant in a car accident by tragic driver error without a license

It was marked at noon and the pregnant woman was taken to a hospital. Another woman was injured in the same vehicle… The two women injured were in a car driving a young man without a license. He was the one who made a tragic mistake leading to the car accident that occurred at noon in Lamia. The pregnant woman was taken to a hospital in an ambulance notified and rushed to the scene. The farm that was on board ended up in a lighting column when it was thrown into the street and rammed by a car that was normally going. The heavy car collision occurred around 12:30 noon, at the intersection of Pelion and Chalmatas Streets in southern Lamia. Farm driving young Roma and reportedly did not have a driver’s license, violated Pelion’s STOP and was vaccinated by the ICE that was normally descending Chalkamates. After the collision the farm hit the power columns present at the site and immobilized. The result of the conflict, however, was that the young passenger who is also pregnant and another woman who was also on the farm was slightly injured. Below we see images of, from the rolling point in Lamia. The two injured women were treated with ambulances at Lamia General Hospital. Prerogation runs the Lamia Traffic Department.