Weather – Katerini: Cry of despair from a rancher who lost over 300 sheep in Monday’s floods

Huge damage to and farmers left behind or hit Monday night (04.03.2024) in many parts of the country. Over 300 sheep drowned in a livestock unit in Katerini. The heavy storms swept everything through, bringing to their limits farmers and farmers of the country, who were hit by the bad weather express. The owner of a livestock unit in the area of Svoronos Katerinis, Dimitris Zovlikas, spoke to about the dramatic moments in which he lost all his fortune in one night. “With a brief account we have made of the number over 300 animals. Lambs mostly and a few sheep. They drowned. We are once again in the same audience play. He was in the stables and we didn’t have time to do anything. The grooves, the district, the municipality, the state, it doesn’t help. The same happened in 2017,” says the rancher and stresses that “the grooves are unclean and full of trees and so the water was unable to leave the stable.” “About 11 at night last night the heavy rain began. I immediately ran to see what was going on in the unit as we saw a flood again in 2017. I came to see the main door open. The water broke her, and I was scared, I didn’t know what to face. As soon as I walked in, I saw that the water level was over a meter. All I was looking at was seeing what animals I could save. After all, we have achieved nothing”, describes Dimitris Zovlis. The unfortunate rancher concludes, saying that “more than 300 lambs and sheep have been lost and we are concerned about what has been left alive because it has been hours in cold and rain and will suffer pneumonia. All this was because the grooves, channels in the area had not been cleaned and the flow of water could not go away and come to the unit.” “After what I’m living, I’m unable to start again. I don’t have the courage, the psychology, there’s no one to help me, and all I’m thinking about is giving up and leaving. Where’s the city? The district? To come and see what happened,” he wondered, ending up the breeder of Katerini.