Weather: Heat and African dust suffocating from Monday – How to move within the week

Heat-suffering cocktail and coming to the country from Monday April 1, as he creates an atmosphere… not pleasant. According to the weather forecast by the IMI and other known meteorologists, African dust from the Sahara will be combined with temperatures up to 18 degrees above normal for the season, after it will exceed 30. Ours and Martis at his end to want to remind us of something from June by verifying the popular saying “and from March summer” says in his post Clearchos Marousakis. “And how not to talk about summer when thermometers in the next days reach or even exceed 30° degrees Celsius. And if we add African dust to this parameter, then we understand the difficulty of the whole situation,” Clearchos Marousakis adds. “We cannot describe this as we have faced similar situations in the past, but it is not normal and it is, let alone when it is a continuation of a constant abnormal situation we have been living in weather for several months. What to do first – remember the pasturdays, the hundreds of tons of water with the morning of autumn, the average above the normal maximum temperatures for several consecutive months, the long drought in many areas…” the meteorologist says in his post. Swim: Great concern in scientists Theodore Kolydas reported that it causes great concern to scientists that after a winter that… essentially never came, or opened at summer temperature. Summer? Where will the thermometer go? Throughout this climate of reflection that has conquered scientists around the world for the weather, these temperature anomalies are now reflected on maps. Such a map was published in post by T. Kolydas. In simple words where you see red color there is abnormal temperature for the time we are going through. The forecast for next week Monday, April 1st General atrium weather with sparse clouding periods. Visibility will be locally limited, mainly in the northern sea and coastal parts of the Aegean, where fogs are likely to form in the morning and evening hours. Weather conditions favour the transport of African dust. The winds will blow from southern addresses 3 to 5 in the sealands local 6 and northern Ionian from the afternoon pre-season 7 Beaufort. In the southeastern Aegean they will breathe northwest 3 to 5 Beauforts. The temperature will rise slightly and fluctuate to very high levels for the season. It will reach the islands and their seasides 24 to 26 degrees, in the rest of their country 27 to 29 and locally on their eastern mainland 30 to 31 degrees Celsius. Tuesday, April 2, March Arate clouds in places denser in the northwest where temporary rains are likely to occur. Visibility will be locally limited in the morning hours in the northern sea and coastal sections. Weather conditions favour the transport of African dust. The winds will breathe initially south southwest and only in the southeastern Aegean will be northwest 4 to 6 Beauforts. From the midday hours to the west, central and north will breathe western northwest with the same intensity. The temperature, although it will drop slightly to the west, will be maintained at high levels for the season and reach the eastern mainland and Crete at 30 degrees Celsius. Wednesday, April 3, General atrium with sparse clouds in places more dense to the north. The winds will blow from northern addresses 3 to 5 and in the morning hours in the Aegean local 6 Beaufort. The temperature will drop slightly. Thursday, April 4 General atrium with a few transient clouds in the northeast. The winds will blow from northern addresses 3 to 5 and gradually to the Ionian local 6 Beaufort. Temperature won’t change significantly.

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