Pope Francis in a wheelchair in the Catholic Easter wake

He danced, in the Easter wake of Catholics, in the Vatican, even though he did not go to Colosseum on Friday (29.03.2024) for the “Street of Martyr”, following the recommendation of the doctors, due to the bronchitis that is distressing him in the last period. Tonight Pope Francis entered Saint A wheelchair stone and immediately thereafter, in keeping with the tradition, baptized eight newly lit. These are four Italians, two Koreans, one Japanese and one Albanian. “The Easter is the triumph of life on death, light on darkness, the rebirth of hope through the wreckage of failure,” Francis stressed. “It is the impressive power of Easter. He is the Lord, God of the impossible, who caused to roll the boulder and began to open our graves, so that hope would never be exhausted.” Finally, the pope pointed out that “in the same way the heavy boulders of death can be moved”, while referring, finally, to the “peace expectations broken by hatred, inhumanity and savagery of war”. The ceremony is attended by 6,000 believers.

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