War in Ukraine: Zelensky reduces conscription age limit to 25 years

The President signed a bill providing for a reduction in the conscription age limit from 27 to 25 years in . Zelenski was forced to proceed with the reduction in conscription age as the armed forces in Ukraine lack sufficient numbers of men to fight the Russian invasion forces. This bill, passed a year ago by the Ukrainian Parliament – which has since been expected to be published in the Journal of Government – will enter into force tomorrow Wednesday, Radha, the Ukrainian parliament, said on her website. The military has been discussed for months in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army has suffered losses, the size of which is kept secret, and is now struggling, as opposed to the start of the war, to find volunteers for the front. Radha voted at first reading in February a series of measures aimed at making conscription easier. Zelensky in December 2023 had reported a conscription of up to 500,000 additional reserves, a figure that has since been revised downward by the head of the Ukrainian army, General Olexandr Sirski. The existing system is considered by many Ukrainians unfair, ineffective and often corrupt. Also, the voices of those serving for a very long time and seeking to return to their families are increasing.