Fenerbahce does not withdraw from this year’s Turkish championship – Summer decision for next season

The Extraordinary General Assembly held with more than 25,000 fans, announced that the decision to withdraw from the league will be decided in a new G.S. at the end of the season. The Extraordinary General Assembly of Fenerbahce, which was held in “Suru Saratsoglou” with over 25,000 fans of the team, in which the club’s strong man Ali was completed Coch revealed that the club will not withdraw directly from the Turkish league. For this possibility there will be a new G.S. in the summer to make the new decision. in his speech he stressed that the decision to withdraw from the league will be decided on a new G.S. after the end of the season. “While our league battle continues, let us continue until the end of the season without giving up. Let’s play the rest of the games with our young people. Let’s assess the state of withdrawal from the league for next season. The view that we should not withdraw from the league has become dominant. We are not thinking of freezing sports, because we need to prepare for this. What we lived in the game with Trabzonspor was the drop that overflowed the glass. What happened after the match became organized and planned. Police could not provide the necessary security in a fight that was certain to be tense. Today we are at the meeting of the general assembly the Istanbul police have taken much better security measures,” Ali Coch said. In fact Fenerbahce published a video in which shows footage and scenes from previous years and episodes for which the club from Istanbul considers it wronged. Bu büyük isyanımızın Nedenleri! — Fenerbahçe SK (@Fenerbahce) In fact, the fans of Fener who were at the stadium platform showed that they are with the club’s president in whatever decision he makes.