Voridis and Koutnatzis the substitutes Papastavrou and Bratakos – The new structure of Maximos

Government officials who will replace the resigning Minister of State, and deputy minister despite the prime minister announced by government representative, Paul Marinakis. As Paul Marinakis said in informing the political editors, the responsibilities of Stavros Papastavrou are assumed by Makis Voridis and Giannis Bratakos by Stelios Koutnatzis. “By decision of the Prime Minister, Minister of State Makis Voridis also undertakes to regulate issues of organisation and operation of the Government and government bodies, and participates in the planning of legislative work. Stelios Koutnatzis is appointed Secretary General of the Prime Minister with the statutory responsibilities of the General Secretariat, as well as the custody of legislative material on behalf of the Prime Minister,” he said. See live the update The structure of the Maximus According to government sources, through these announcements for the reordering of forces in Maximus, clear roles and clear responsibilities are defined regarding who does what in the Maximos Mansion. As they point out, this is an internal rearrangement and the cabinet is reduced by two members as their powers are allocated to already existing members of the government. As far as Makis Voridis is concerned, he also undertakes to regulate issues of organisation and functioning of the government and government bodies (e.g. cabinet) in collaboration with Stelios Koutnatzis. Stelios Koutnatzis assumes the responsibilities of the SG Prime Minister, i.e. the position at General Secretary level is reinstated by a deputy minister and acquires more technological characteristics. It does not change anything else regarding the responsibilities in Maximus except that Akis Skertsos assumes the supervision and regulation of the Organizations and Bodies under the Prime Minister (e.g. National Committee on Bioethics, National Committee on Human Rights, National Committee on Persons with Disabilities) and Thanasis Kontogeorgis the Special Secretariat for Long-term Planning. Prime Minister Thanasis Nezis’s adviser undertakes contact with Mr. Koutnatzis with members of the Parliamentary Group, as well as with the Prime Minister’s Office in the House and Citizens’ Society. Eleni Schina takes over as Director of the Prime Minister’s Special Office (including the record and protocol of the MTH). Finally, the Deputy Minister, despite Prime Minister Paul Marinakis, continues to have the responsibilities of the media, the representation of the Prime Minister and the government.