Nikos Androulakis from Areio Pagos for Tembis: “That night some bronzed dialogues”

On his exit from the Areopagos, Nikos Androulakis spoke about the copper of the sound material with the talks of the OSE drivers on the day of the train tragedy in Tembis and the attempt to manipulate public opinion in order to create the sense of human error. Androuliakis was accompanied by MP Milena Apostolakis, the Justice Sectioner Christos Kaklamanis and press spokesman Thanasis Galavina. On leaving the courthouse the president of PASOK said: “On the evening of the Tempes tragedy, while rescuers were looking for dead, missing persons, while all Greek society was mourning over what had happened, some had the priority to take the controversial talks, break them down and channel them into friendly means with the aim of manipulating public opinion. We did our duty to the Greek people, we filed for this new revelation a motion of disbelief in the House and today we came and filed a petition with the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case. Now justice has to do its job. But we are asked why we have now tabled the motion of censure. Because the glass is overflowing. It is no longer half empty, nor half full. On the one hand, they illegally appointed the station manager at issue, on the other hand, the European prosecutor accuses them of corruption. And while they’ve done all that we learn that that night they had a priority to break the dialogues to create the sense of human error alone. All this indicates that Mr. Mitsotakis’ government operates with the triptych: Corruption, cover-up and impunity. This vicious circle must be broken.”