Virtus Bologna – Panathinaikos LIVE for the 32nd Euroleague race

He faces Virtus Bologna in Italy for her 32nd race. Watch LIVE the critical encounter from The seat advantage in the Euroleague playoffs passes from Italy to Panathinaikos. Erkin Ataman’s team is called upon to overcome the obstacle of dangerous at the seat of Virtus Bologna, in order to maintain in second-place orbit. Greens are in excellent condition and must overcome the obstacle of the deformé Italian team in order to take the most decisive step towards winning the second place that will confront them in the eight with a team that will emerge from play in. Watch LIVE Virtus Bologna – Panathinaikos from Extremely critical is the game for Virtus Bologna, which fights to enter the playoffs directly. Unlike Panathinaikos who will be fully lined up, the Italians will compete without Cordinier, who is one of the team’s best regionals. Please note that Dimitris Giannakopoulos will also be on the field, while the Italians caused problems for the green fans, as they cancelled the individual tickets they had purchased.