Canada: Niagara area in emergency due to sun eclipse

In a state he was declared by the authorities in his area, in view of the rare eclipse of the sun, on 8 April, when it is estimated that a huge crowd will gather in the waterfalls to watch it. Regional President Jim Bradley made this emergency decision on Niagara purely for precautionary reasons, he is stressed in the announcement issued by his office. “The state of emergency declaration (…) strengthens the tools available to the district to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors and to protect critical infrastructure, whatever happens,” he added. The impressive waterfalls, at Canada’s border with the US, are located on the “course” of the eclipse and many people have already booked hotels and rooms to live this experience in one of the wonders of North America’s nature. The mayor of the city of Naiagara Falls Jim Diodati predicted that “it will be by far the largest crowd we have ever seen ” on the Canadian border side. He even appreciated that 1 million visitors are expected the following weekend, while Niagara Falls usually receive 14 million visitors within a year. The authorities will also amend some services and shut down certain facilities to limit road traffic on 8 April.