Veria: The tragic game of fate for the 21-year-old who was killed in the car accident – “He told me” let me come by bus” says her uncle at

‘ We’re all crazy. He would come to the hospital to see my wife,” says the 21-year-old’s uncle who, along with the 68-year-old, died in the tragedy in the village of Patras, on Monday morning (01.04. 24), when the 64 – year – old driver of IX lured them, while they were at the bus stop. The 21-year-old’s uncle, fatally injured in the shocking car accident in Veria, still cannot believe the tragic fate that life reserved for his young niece. “I don’t know anything. He didn’t live in the country. I’m staying and she came to see her aunt, my wife. It was the night to me and my wife was going to have surgery at 8:00 in the morning and I got up at 6 and left with my sister-in-law and left her at home because I have two boys,” he says in Shocking is the fact that according to the unfortunate girl’s uncle, when he proposed to her this morning to go to hospital together he said “let uncle, I will come by bus to leave and the children school.” And it happened. We’re all crazy. He would come by bus to hospital where I was with my wife.” As quoted in, “we don’t know anything about how the car accident happened. They say he went to the bus stop, but so much that he was running, they say there was neither the stop nor anything left. Until now, life hasn’t let him live longer. The girl was studying nurse. It was this day”, concludes, speaking to the uncle of the wrongful 21-year-old girl.