Digital Working Card: From 1 July its full application to industry and retail trade

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security decided that its full application to undertakings falling within its branches and retailers should begin on 1 July 2024. This decision, which extended the application of the Digital Labour Card published in the Government Gazette, was taken taking into account market requests from industry and retailers. They now have the necessary time to adapt to the requirements of this complex and multi-level project and to take the necessary steps to coordinate with the new Worker II information system that will operate from 1 July. The implementation of the Digital Labor Card in these sectors is inextricably linked to the operation of LABOUR II, in order to ensure the full rights of employees, as it will also be possible to account for the system of any changes in working hours and overtime. Minister of Labour and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, said: ‘The extension to the time when the imposition of sanctions on industry and retail was initiated was taken in order for undertakings in these sectors to be synchronised with the implementation of SONG II. Progress in implementing the Digital Labour Card, in the sectors that are being implemented, is very important. Already more than 3,500 employees, from 250 businesses, because they were located by electronic control of the Digital Labor Card, have paid their accrueds.”