Venus of Milos became an athlete and goes to the Olympics in Paris

Or he will leave the Louvre museum and take a seat on the steps of the French National Assembly for the 2024 in Paris. Venus of Milos will have her honor in the Olympic games of Paris, as the marble statue located at the Louvre Museum, will move to the steps of the French National Assembly, in the 7th department of Paris, on the left bank of Seine, opposite Concord Square. Six sculptures, each representing an Olympic/ Paralympic sport, in the outdoor exhibition “Beauty and Gesture”, will be there from Tuesday (2/04/24) and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, to 22 September. Colorful works by artist Lauren Perbosh will represent Olympism, to celebrate sport and art, at the seat of the French National Assembly, which will thus participate in the Cultural Olympiad. “French visualist Lauren Perbose conceived the artistic idea, choosing for each sculpture the following sports: basketball, boxing, aconism, paratoxism, surfing and tennis. Inspired by Venus of Milos, these female figures made of acrylic resin each hold an object representing her sport, an allegory that contradicts the collective imagination that connects sport with men and reflects the evolution of the Games,” says the website “sortiraparis”. See this post on Instagram. Each of these works is associated with a color of the rainbow, symbolizing equal rights and fighting discrimination. Moreover, the Olympic flame will “light” these “Africans” on 14 July.