Super Kiki: The revelation about her partner and the kiss they exchanged

She spoke on the show “Super Katerina”. The basis for participation of the known instagramer in ANT1’s ““”. Super Kiki, who presented her business through the ANT1 investment show, spoke about her experience with investors, but also the relationship with her partner: “They liked the product, they confirmed our efforts,” she said about her participation in the show. For the special relationship with her partner with whom they exchanged a kiss on their way out of “Dragons’ Den”, Super Kiki referred to the strong friendship that evolved into buttonies and cooperation. “The friendship that connects us is from 2011. It happened and we were in the same cell. I was a minor, she was pregnant. We had nothing to do and we were making that you can imagine, from drawings, construction, to cosmetics. I dyed her kid and I feel like a dad sometimes. We are family,” Super Kiki replied to Alpha’s camera.