US prepares ‘temporary’ Gaza port for delivering humanitarian aid

Through a temporary construction off the coast, humanitarian aid will be delivered by the US forces, announced yesterday (08.03.2024). This is a “emergency mission”, said Pentagon spokesman, Pat Ryder’s major general referring to the US plan for the Gaza pier. The plan will take up to 60 days to be executed, as he said, and will be able to provide up to two million meals daily to the Palestinians. The United States “will create a temporary sea pier that will allow ships to carry cargo on smaller ships to carry and unload cargo on a temporary bridge to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza,” the Pentagon spokesman told reporters. “We expect more than 1,000 soldiers to build it and up to 60 days will be needed to develop the forces and build the bridge and pier,” Ryder said. Once created, he said “there will be no American forces on Gaza ground”. The plan announced yesterday U.S. President Joe Biden during his speech on the situation of the Union, in which he urged Israel to allow more assistance on the blocked ground, while defending the military operation against Hamas. Israel’s delay in delivering assistance from the ground also led the United States to join other countries in air relief throws, with Washington performing Friday the fourth throw of the month. Earlier on Friday, the US Central Administration announced that “an American C-130 dropped over 11,500 lunch equivalents, providing humanitarian aid that saves lives in northern Gaza” in a joint operation with Jordan. Noting the risk of delivering air aid, however, a doctor in Gaza’s largest hospital said Friday that the drop killed five people and injured 10. American defence ministry official told AFP that “the US did not cause death during the drop of air aid to Gaza”, while Jordan’s military source said that none of the four aircraft involved in the operation was involved in the fatal injury.