Ukraine: Official of Russian Occupation Forces Killed by Car Trapped Explosion · Global Voices

with a “unknown explosive device” exploded in the district of Lugansk in , currently under Russian control. Since the explosion of the trapped car in Starobelsk a local official of the Russian occupation forces, Valeri Chika, found death as announced by pro-Russian authorities. The local Research Committee added that Chaika was killed by the “fire of an unknown mechanism” installed on the vehicle. He has already launched an investigation into ‘terrorist energy’ , according to the same source, which added that the circumstances of the incident have not yet been clarified. In Starobelsk of the Lugansk region, a car with a “LPR official” was blown up Russian sources that “deputy head of the center for serving educational organizations of the LPR” Valerie Chaika died. – — Military Nerd (@MilitaryNerdd) In the past, attacks with explosive vehicles, attributed to Ukraine, have repeatedly targeted provoking officials in occupied Ukrainian areas. After all, Ukraine had declared since the very first day of the Russian invasion that no Russian-appointed official should feel safe in the areas occupied by the Russian army. Another collabor’s car was blown up in the so-called “LPR” In the “LPR” the car of the default head of the “Center for Services to Educational Organizations” Valerie Chaika was blown up. The expansion secured near the university building in Starobelsk. The collabor died. — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) “Our partner was killed”, wrote Starobelsk municipal authority head Vladimir Chernev on Telegram, adding that an investigation is ongoing. Valeri Chaika held a managerial position in the administrative services of the Starobelsk region. (File photo: Reuters)