Ajun Ilijali: “Yannis Alafuzos was desperate and was surprised when I told him about Fatih Terim”

O revealed new details of contacts that led to FC Panathinaikos in agreement with the coach for whom he intervened, as a personal friend of Giannis Alafousos. Speaking once again on the subject, in Turkish Media, Ajun Ilitzali, stressed that Giannis Alafuzos did not expect Fatih Terim to come to Panathinaikos, but the deal was finally closed, after a three-minute conversation. Ajun’s statements “The president of Panathinaikos, Giannis Alafuzos, is my close friend. He was very unhappy and desperate. Despite the serious investment, the group somehow could not give what it wanted. Last year they had a serious score difference, but they fought for the championship. While we were talking, he asked my advice. Fatih Terim came to my mind because he was a winner. The president was surprised at first. He said: ‘ Can you convince Terim to come? “I said, ‘Your work is good, Coach Fatih likes hard trials’. This happened when both parties were positive. A chemistry was created. It was enough for the President of Panathinaikos to chat with Fatih Terim for three minutes.”