Veria: “The woman had been thrown 25 meters away”, they describe in the residents of the area

Shock causes the descriptions of eyewitnesses and those who rushed to help the two women who died tragically in the Country area in, when a car that escaped its course fell on the bus stop. None of the inhabitants of the country in Veria can believe what took place this morning (01/04/2024). The main road in the village of Patras was painted with blood after the tragic car accident, while friends and relatives of the 20-year-old and 68-year-old have plunged into grief. It all happened at 10 today (1/4/2024) in the morning when the car driven by a 64-year-old man for unknown so far because he escaped his course, passed into the opposite stream and ended up on the bus stop of the prefecture of Imathia. At that time there was a 20 – year – old nursing student and a 68 – year – old who expected the bus to pass. From the fierce conflict the 68 – year – old woman died instantly, while the young girl left her last breath in the hospital being taken by an ambulance from the EKAB. Residents of the area who describe in what they saw after impact, refer to creepy images. “We went down and saw what happened. There was a loud noise, so there was an earthquake? There are no words, no words. We lost a new neighbor. I saw the car in my yard, and the woman was dumped at 25 meters. The girl I didn’t see at all. They both expected to go to Veria. The driver said he got dizzy,” says a resident while a friend of the 68-year-old adds: From where the stop was, he crossed the fence (the body of the 68-year-old) and landed here. The driver who probably went to Naoussa escaped his course and fell onto the stop. There was the girl and Thomas there.” Friends and fellow students of the 20 – year – old who could not believe the evil that had occurred rushed to the point of the accident. “I called her and she wouldn’t pick up. I didn’t think anything bad would have happened. I learned it an hour ago, from the news that there was a car accident,” she tells the friend of the 20-year-old. The 64-year-old who is being hospitalized for precautionary reasons has been arrested as a case against him was formed for manslaughter by negligence, while he was ordered to be an expert and subject to tests to determine whether he had consumed alcohol.