Traffic in Patras: Deliveras passed through the window to the cafeteria where he worked.

The car accident occurred at night and he was injured. Resurrection in the city’s central cafeteria after the accident… The delivery man was taken injured to a hospital in Patra, after the car accident. The young man wanted to put in the cafeteria the machine that made the deliveries, when under conditions that remain to be clarified, lost control and passed through the window. As shopkeepers said, there was mechanical failure and not the driver’s fault. In any case the distributor was injured and transferred for first aid to a city hospital. The rare car accident occurred on Sunday night, March 31st, in downtown Patras. Deliveras who worked at a coffee shop, after the end of his shift, attempted to put the business’s bicycle inside her, in order for the store to close. The distributor probably because of mechanical damage, he fell with the bicycle into the cafeteria window resulting in blood on the ground. The image of, reflects what happened at the store located in Patras. Directly at the point he rushed an EMT ambulance carrying the wounded to the hospital.