Kolonos: The decision on the extenuators is made on the 19 defendants, the mother of the 12 year old is released

While the 12-year-old’s mother is expected within the day to be released from prison, today comes the KAU’s decision on extenuating at 19 for the freaky 12-year-old case. The 37-year-old mother, after almost 18 months of temporary detention for the case of Kolonus expects to be found in the next hours at her home, near her children who supported her from the first moment, supporting her innocence. Her two adult children, who on October 17, 2022 were crying running behind the police car that drove their mother from the interrogation office to prison, were with her and Friday crying out of joy when the court acquitted the woman of two heavy charges. The 12-year-old’s mother was judged by a majority of 4 to 3 innocent of the machination and unanimously of minor pornography (through computer systems). The minority, consisting of the three regular judges, voted in favour of the mother’s guilt for the pimpry, joining the prosecutorial view. A majority decision may be appealed by a public prosecutor. The court found the 37-year-old guilty of the misdemeanor of blackmail against Mihu and is likely to impose a sentence she essentially already has with temporary detention. The crucial decision on mitigating and threatening life for the main accused The KAU today will decide whether and to which of the 19 accused, found guilty of felony acts, will be acquitably recognised. A decision determining the amount of penalties to be imposed , which specifically for the main accused Elias Micho is critical as to whether or not he will listen to the president announce his sentence to him in life. Today’s process will begin with the Chair’s proposal for mitigating agents. The prosecutor will be appointed as to whom at its discretion mitigating circumstances can be recognised. The judges are asked to weigh objective data on each defendant, elements contributed during the multi-day process and elements of each person’s actions and personality to decide on the matter that will have a direct impact on the penalties imposed. Recognition or non-releasing will also affect the immediate next issue the court will address and concern the issue of detention or non-indictees until the court of appeal. For Elias Micho after the decision of 4 jurors and a Regular Judge who fully accepted the charge of rape of the minor, the possibility of life as defined in the law of 2021 applicable to the case is open. At the same time he is faced with perennial circumstances, with penalties of 10 to 15 years of age for each act, as the KAU declared him guilty of the crimes concerning : * Abuse of a child by a majority of 5-2 (4 jury and 1 regular judge) * Mastropeia as introduced by the vote of 4 jurors and the 3 regular judges to judge that he should be found guilty of convenience to pimps , as requested by the Prosecutor * Pornography of a minor (acquirement and distribution via computer systems) unanimously Mihos was also found guilty of a misdemeanor over possession of weapons and ammunition For the second defendant found guilty of child prostitution, the retired sailor, so-called Michalis, the penalties provided for are from 10 to 15 years for each of the two categories, machinations and minor pornography, charged to him by the judges. The critical decision on the extenuators await today and the remaining 17 men found guilty of the ominous case. The 16 of them for sexual acts with a minor for a fee, as they were “clients” on the dates of horror and one for the use of child’s pornographic material. The penalties provided for most are temporary imprisonment of 10 to 15 years old. In three of them the court acknowledged that they were deceived about the victim’s age, considering it older. One occasion that most of the “customers” were invoked but was not recognized. For the 3, the prescribed sentence starts at 5 and goes up to 15 years. An accused is post-graduate as announced in the decision on his guilt.