Traffic arrangements in Thessaloniki for the Olympic Flame – Programme torch Relay

    The traffic arrangements that will apply today due to the torch relay for the Olympic Flame in the context of…
    31st Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, shall disclose in the communication the Directorate of Traffic police of Thessaloniki.
    Today time 05.00 should be prohibited from parking and from time 08.45 will not be allowed gradually, the movement and the position of all vehicles on the following roads of the Municipality of Thessaloniki:
    *L. B. Γωεργίου B, plaza L. Tower until C September.
    *C September, by M. Alexander until F. Kyriakides (stream towards Agios Dimitrios).
    *St. Demetrius, C September until Κατσιμίδη (current to Κατσιμίδη).
    *Κατσιμίδη from Agios Dimitrios to Gr. Lambraki (current-to-K. Karamanlis).
    * GR. Lambrakis, from Κατσιμίδη until Diagoras.
    *Diagoras, Gr. Lambraki up to the height of the node Tumulus of the Regional Road.
    The events are expected to be concluded at 10.15 the same day.
    As mentioned in the notice, for the convenience of traffic, the Directorate of Traffic police of Thessaloniki will take all the necessary measures traffic.
    Kindly asked the drivers to remove in a timely manner their vehicles from the route of movement of the torch relay, to avoid their movement along this and to comply with the instructions of the traffic police.
    Program Torch Relay
    Sunday 24 April, 09.00: White Tower, contribution street the King George and 3rd of September, stop Agia Fotini on 3 September, a University Gym, Olympic Museum.
    09.27: Olympic Museum, Posture Workshop, contribution street Agios Dimitrios and Κατσιμίδη, Stand Camp Triumvirate on Grigoriou Lambraki, Ammouliani, Square Pontic Hellenism.
    09.57: Square Pontos, Grigoriou Lambraki 118, street Diagoras numbers 68, 116, and 130, the junction to the ring Road of Thessaloniki.