Tower: New video document from wild beating 13-year-old student

A 13-year-old’s trying to get away. A 14-year-old in the middle of the street after school is beating her up. The videos from the brutal beating of a minor girl by a secondary high school student in the Tower have caused anger and questions. What made a 14-year-old so brutally attack another girl? The mother of the girl who fell victim to wild beating speaks exclusively to Live News about what her daughter was carrying after an attack. “If they hadn’t taken it my child says Mom would have killed me. That is to say, he was beating it with a grudge,” the mother of the minor described. The girl in the white shirt has caught the 13-year-old from her hair and thrown her down the sidewalk. The young woman tries in every way to defend herself, as long as she has been surrounded by schoolmates who remain idle. “Imagine a mother watching this video her child run off, beat it and be 200 kids and just filming a video”. The misunderstanding that led to extremes As the 13-year-old girl, victim of the attack, claims, the misunderstanding had begun 24 hours earlier. “The night before the fuss she had received some messages on her phone from that particular girl. She was telling her that she told some people my daughter was gonna beat her up. Of course the child replied to her that this was not the case.” The 14-year-old apparently didn’t stay in it. He warned her that tomorrow he’d pay in person. He waited for them to get off work, and when they got a little out of school, he got a chance to attack her. “Does the other student approach my daughter and say: ‘Is it you who said you would beat the crap out of me?’ Says the child: ‘I did not say that’. The kid started kicking him and hitting him.” In the video – document it seems with what hate the 13-year-old girl relentlessly hits. Two juveniles get in the way of divorce. Nor does the 14 – year – old seem to be retreating. She’s back for a while and she’s back again, the minors are holding her and she’s falling down. “We went to hospital, fortunately the kid hasn’t been hurt, because he hit it hard. He pushed it down, pulled it out of the hair, pushed it on the sidewalk, the first kick was on the sternum that cut off the child’s breath.” The girl’s mother saw her child hurt. She lost it. She later saw that her daughter’s beating was on video and went on a lawsuit. “It was premeditated, because he can’t suddenly in a fight filming from the beginning. She said so herself in the message that “tomorrow there will be a mess.” The 13-year-old remains terrified. Although she was not seriously injured, she is afraid to leave her home and waits for the example punishment of the 14-year-old. “I don’t want to raise my child like this” The 13-year-old’s mother spoke exclusively to Live News. “I took the child to school today so he wouldn’t stay home any longer. I went to experts. The thing has gone the way of justice. We haven’t figured it out yet. Third people who have slandered the child are involved. They told the other student that my daughter wanted to beat her up and the kid was trying to explain that she never said anything like that. The girl didn’t believe her and the wood was scheduled for Wednesday but because they had 7 hours of transport for Thursday. A friend of my daughter’s went to help, and they were holding her so she wouldn’t stop them from filming. They sent it to me on my cell phone, which included the song. ‘Cell 33’. We have to stop this and see how we can save our children. We can’t force children to be protected. That’s not a solution. I don’t want to raise my child like this.” “I apologize, my daughter’s fault” And the father of the girl who attacked the 13-year-old. “We are against violence. The fuss the lady claims was not arranged. The fuss started with messages her daughter sent to my daughter. I apologize, my daughter’s fault. My daughter I’ve raised with education and we haven’t taught her how to beat. My daughter got the punishment from her parents and from school.” Watch Live News’ story with Nikos Evangelatos: