Recovery Fund: At 147m euros, applications to upgrade ski resorts – Until 30 April shelters

On Sunday (31.03.2024) the period for the submission of investment projects was completed in the context of the Call for Interest of the “Upgrading” project of the “Tourist Development” Action, a total contribution of €43.3 million . In total, aid applications were submitted from almost all of the country’s licensed ski resorts, which amount to € 147.65 million, exceeding the planned and available budget from the Recovery Fund resources by around €100 million. By actively evaluating the investment plans in order to submit them (the first come method, first served), the Minister of Tourism proceeded to issue the first two decisions approving the aid applications submitted by the management bodies of the ski resorts “Anilios” and “3-5 Pigadia”, of EUR 10 million each. At the same time, in the context of the Call for Interest of the ‘Upgrading of Tourist Ports’ project, total public expenditure of EUR 139 million, completed at 31.01.2024, has been submitted a total of 41 investment projects by tourism port management bodies (marines, shelters and anchorages) totalling 184,588. EUR 025,30, exceeding the available budget. The assessment of investment projects is under way and the inclusion of the first investment projects is planned by mid-April. A significant investment interest is also observed in the programme “Improving and amending accessibility to Greek beaches” (Accessible Beaches), a total budget of 17.13m euros. Applications for aid of 32 potential beneficiaries relating to investments of EUR 5,33 million have already been finalised, despite the fact that 31,05,2024 has been set as the final date for the submission of investment projects. Given the increased interest in the Call for Interest in upgrading mountain shelters, it was decided to extend it until 30.04.2024. Significant progress is also made in the other projects of the Recovery and Durability Fund implemented or supervised by the Ministry of Tourism. In particular, the competition process has been completed to promote agrotourism and gastronomy, with the signing of the contract and the start of the project planned for the first ten days of April. In the process of completion, the competition procedure for managing destinations is also in place, while the publication of the Invitations of Interest for investments related to the upgrading and creation of new facilities for therapeutic tourism, as well as diving tourism, is planned. In March, two invitations were published to provide distance training by training providers (Centers for Lifelong Learning of Public IEKs and licensed Lifelong Learning Centres), while in April the signing of a Programme Agreement with the Hellenic Hotel Chamber (XEE) is planned to reform and upgrade educational material. The actions referred to constitute preliminary steps for the publication of the Call for Interest in the payment of an allowance to the trainees. Finally, in April, the publication of the Declaration of Action for the digital transformation of the Greek Tourism Organization (ETO) is planned. With information from APR-APM