Thyroid Cancer: What are the 4 factors that increase the risk of its occurrence?

Cancer can change a man’s life from one moment to another. One of the most common cancers is that of the thyroid, as it occurs at 45–54 years of age, but may also affect any other younger age. And to speak with percentages, about 1.2% of men and women have a chance of dealing with this malignancy at some point in their lives. But let us see what 4 factors can cause this type of cancer and increase the risk of this disease? #1 Head & neck radiation It is the number one factor for him! In previous decades, they used radiation to treat various diseases in children, however, this technique proved to have caused thyroid gland cancer. In cases such as Hiroshima and Chernobyl, where atomic weapons were used and an accident in nuclear plants, an increase in thyroid cancer was observed. In these cases, immediate diagnosis and treatment should be made. #2 Family History of Thyroid Cancer If a member of your family has experienced thyroid cancer, the level of risk may increase even to ten times. It is a very important factor in the appearance of thyroid cancer and, therefore, we need to know our family’s health history, perform regular medical tests and inform our doctor of any change in our health. #3 Exposure to Flamming Factors This can be caused, either by contact with industrial chemicals, or by contact with allergens or other harmful substances. The relationship between this exposure and thyroid cancer is not always obvious, but it is important to know the potential risks and try to protect ourselves from them as much as possible. #4 Years of Press Hepatitis C One last and important factor that can “play a role” in the development of thyroid cancer is chronic hepatitis C, as it is an infection of the liver caused by the respective virus. Although the investigation continues, there is evidence that this condition may increase the risk of thyroid cancer. Dr. George Sakorafas Surgeon Endocrine glands (thyroid- Parathyroids) Professor of Surgery University of Athens T. Coordinator Director of Surgery of Clinical Hospital “Saint Saturday”

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