Capandriti: Video document from the film attempt to break into the jewelry store with the bulldozer

Video document from his film attempt to break into the bulldozer brings to the “light” In the video document that secured from the unprecedented incident in Capandriti, it seems the moment when the bulldozer, which the brazen perpetrators stole, arrives outside the jewelry store, where the attempted burglary occurred. As you can see in the same video of a security camera next door, the bulldozers push the car parked outside the jewelry store in order to make room for them to enter the store and rob it. The three burglars “beated” Wednesday morning (13.3.2024). They stole a municipality bulldozer from the area of Malakasa and at about 4 a.m. arrived outside the jewelry store. They then pushed the car parked outside the building and “buccaran” with the bulldozer inside the jewelry store, leveling it, as recorded in the following photos of As clearly reflected in the above images, the burglars knocked down the entrance, broke the jewelry store’s window and destroyed very expensive jewelry and watches together. However, they left idle, since there was a tobacco system in the business, which function as a safety safeguard and did not allow them to grab expensive jewelry.

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