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Athens Times

Thousands march in Athens for revolt anniversary

Thousands march in Athens for revolt anniversary
ATHENS, Greece – More than 10,000 demonstrators marched through central Athens to the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday…
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WE BOTH SHARE A COMMON ENEMY WE FAUGHT TOGETHER LIKE BROTHERS In the First Balkan War of 1912-1913, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria (Balkan League) defeated Turkey (Ottoman Empire) In June 1913 Serbia and Greece signed a defensive pact opposing to Bulgaria’s expansionist goals. Eventually on June 16 of the same year Bulgaria attacked both countries. Being decisively defeated by Greeks in the Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas and by Serbs in Bregalnica Bulgaria retreated into defensive positions until Romania entered the war by attacking Bulgaria and threatening Sofia resulting in the latter’s defeat. Greece and Serbia found themselves being the winner parties by having successfully fought the war side by side. World War I During the First World War, Corfu served as a refuge for the Serbian army that retreated there by the allied forces ships from the homeland occupied by the Austrians and Bulgarians. During their stay, a large portion of Serbian soldiers died from exhaustion, food shortage, and different diseases. Most of their remains were buried at sea near the island of Vido, a small island at the mouth of Corfu port, and a monument of thanks to the Greek Nation has been erected at Vido by the grateful Serbs; consequently, the waters around Vido island are known by the Serbian people as the Blue Graveyard (in Serbian, Plava Grobnica), after a poem written by Milutin Bojić after World War I.[7] Assistance to Bosnian Serbs ……………………… According to
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