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The Right to Bear Arms Politics
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{Title} massacre resulted in the home party between two childhood friends. A sum of money just 10 euro seems to been able to bring both peers and friends at the hands of the conflict to become a fierce fight.
The one injured by knife diakomisthike Hospital of Larissa, while the second led yesterday before the prosecutor who brought the proceedings to a degree felony.
afternoon last Saturday by two friends went to 27-year old farmhouse in a Melissatika. The misunderstanding did not take long to establish, when requested by a second 10 euros for the Dutch treat of food and drink had taken with them.
The second explained that she had no money with him and then the tension went up in his car while traveling at home and bring the money between them caused the lock.
His friend allegedly followed him furious by car, holding an ax in his hand. With the ax broke the windshield of the car and injured his 27-year old who was in the driver’s seat in the neck.
With the threat of the ax, according to the complaint to the police, forced him to return inside the farmhouse, seeking give the money at that time. The second he grabbed a knife and trying to avoid the ax, allegedly injured by accident his friend in the ribs.
Then left the house, alerting the ambulance for the injured. Ambulance rushed to the farmhouse and rescuers encountered blood stained the 27-year old, who moved directly to the Hospital of Volos. The doctors felt it necessary to evacuation of juvenile Hospital of Larissa.
Preliminary investigations undertaken by the Police Department Nea Ionia petition filed by his brother stabbed 27-year old.
The Attorney Office before which was brought by his friend injured prosecution brought a degree felony for attempted intentional homicide, attempted robbery, unlawfully carrying and use of weapons and property damage. Referred to his apology to the magistrate, where he received 24-hour period.

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