This is the message of Archbishop Hieronymus for Christmas…

“Hope is taking root in the unique call…
of man, love,” highlights in the christmas message of the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Ieronimos. In his message, the Archbishop speaks for the
refugees, recalling that the first big ξενιτεμένος of the story is Jesus himself.
“He abandoned them Πατρικούς bays and took over the human tragedy to the death. And as a man, but he was forced to take the road of exile, marching deliberately in his crucified way of love,” says the message of the Archbishop Hieronymus, and completes the message by saying: “This Christmas let us celebrate the foreign lands from the contracts and the κατασφάλιση that stifle freedom. Let’s επαναπατριστούμε in the face and the heart of the αναγκεμένου a fellow human being. There σπαργούνται silently and secretly the Builder, there we can find the refugee himself.”
Following the christmas message of the Primate of the Church of Greece:
Ἀδελφοί me and my children with the proper ἀγαπητά,
“It is a great and strange θαῦμα it is finished this day! […] Ἦλθε gar the expectation of ἐθνῶν”. The ἱερός ὑμνωδός of St our Church that urges you to sing that great and paradoxical fact συντελεῖται today, as ἦλθε the world the ἐλπίδα and the ἀπαντοχή of οἰκουμένης.
The θαῦμα ἔγκειται the fact of the ἐρχομοῦ, the meeting with the face of the Δημιουργοῦ. The salvation was tested by the ἔθνη in a variety of ways. I don’t εὐοδώθηκε however draw from ὀξυδερκεῖς themselves leaders, draw from enlightened teachers, draw from the dynamic of ἀνθρώπινων ἐπιτευγμάτων. Ἐγκαινιάστηκε from the sacrificial love of Υἱοῦ and Word of God, where he shrunk ἑκουσίως the omnipotence Of the γεννώμενος as ἀνυπεράσπιστο infant.
The expectation of a new life there were no be a ἐφικτή the transfer takes place. The certainties and the achievements of the world were κῦρος, ἐξουσία, glory. The ἐλπίδα however, in crafts was ἀνυπόστατη as I took root in the unique call of man, where is the love. Ἔρχεται so the crew of the ignore sacrificial love of the Christ, in order to ἀποκαταστήσει the deepest desire of man, where not a ἄλλος from the ἐλευθερία τῆς ignore sacrificial love.
“The οὐρανὸς and the land this day ἡνώθησαν”. Celebrate today the birth of ἐλπίδας. The expectation of us is no longer a ἄσαρκη-metaphysical ἀναμονή, draw is limited to a psychological αἰσιοδοξία. It is a fact! It is the ἀρχή of the history but the prospect of crossing the αἰωνιότητα. Occurred in the past but the οἰκείωσή of πραγματοποιεῖται in the present as a foretaste of the future.
The distance between γῆς and οὐρανοῦ was the botched ἐφεύρεση of man. In ἀγεφύρωτο this gap ἔβρισκαν χῶρο the αὐταπάτες the masks of freedom. For the reason that the only ones where ἀντιλήφθηκαν the presence of God was the καταφρονεμένοι shepherds and the ἀλλοεθνεῖς wizards. The cosmic recognition and the ἀλαζονική certainty was and is the literal προσωπεῖα, the εἴδωλα of ἀγέρωχου ἑαυτοῦ, which will shade always the the.
The ἁπλότητα of βοσκῶν and the ἀναζήτηση the magi κατέλιπαν αἰώνια legacy of genuine lust λευτεριᾶς. Because in order to there is someone ἐλεύθερος is ἀνάγκη be a humble; that is, be a stranger as to the ἰδιοτελεῖς contracts of ἐποχῆς and moreover a stranger as to the ἀσφάλεια of his convictions.
The best and closest big ξενιτεμένος of ἱστορίας ἄλλωστε is the outmost of the Υἱός of God. “Ἐγκατέλειψε” them Πατρικούς within and ἀνέλαβε the ἀνθρώπινη tragedy or death. And as a person, however ἀναγκάστηκε to take the road of προσφυγιᾶς marching ἑκούσια the crucified way of the ignore sacrificial love. In him-the road, treading and ὁποιοσδήποτε ζητᾶ to λευτερωθεῖ. Standing to the side ἐκείνων where have ἐξοριστεῖ, where have ἀπορριφθεῖ, because the best and closest ἀπορριμένος ἐξόριστος for thanks to all of was the Christ.
This Christmas I ἑορτάσουμε the ξενιτειά us from the contracts and the κατασφάλιση where they choke the ἐλευθερία. I ἐπαναπατριστοῦμε in the face and the heart of the ἀναγκεμένου a fellow human being. There σπαργανοῦται ἀθόρυβα and secrets of the Mason, there can not but be ξαναβροῦμε the refugee ἑαυτό us.