THIS is the branch that has “died” with the crisis…

By making a ride on the once-filled up to “shut up” paddocks with trucks….
in Aspropyrgos, you can see how the crisis has affected the sector significantly. Trucks carrying products, food and generally anything edible, they work normally, since they need to supply to supermarkets and the minimum plus food companies operating in Greece.
The trucks with car transport, building materials etc. have to “die”. The economic crisis has contributed to this as well as the last time almost no one buys a car or builds a house. As a result, well, various transport companies underperforming or have them throw their drivers out on other jobs in order not to be unemployed.
Once if you had a truck, have money, and they know that the owners that made the good times, and built entire homes and belongings from the trucks. But now, it is a “dead” industry where the owners pay a multitude of taxes with little revenue, and therefore the drivers are paid very little to lead in domestic and abroad, staying for days on the road, with all the dangers of this profession, for a key maybe salary.