They busted with IX in shops – Care – frame in video documents the gang’s action

Video documents from the action of gang members who raided shops and snatched merchandise and cash machines bring out newsit?gr. In the five videos we secured, all the movements of the three perpetrators who had become the fear and terror for shop owners in areas of Rafina, Marathon, Spata, Paiania, Pallini, Sweet Waters and Koropi are captured. Among the gang members who had committed 14 branch break-ins and six car thefts was a 17 – year – old minor. The perpetrators who fell into the hands of the police authorities following a coordinated operation by the Rafina Security Department, with the involvement of police officers of the O.P.K.E. and the Northeastern Attica Security Sub-Directorate, were moving evenings. Initially they were involved in the theft of old vehicles which they used to break the store rolls. Sometimes when they could not enter the shops with the vehicle, they broke the glass facades by throwing objects, while it is noted that they were involved in successive shoplifting during one night. The three of the five video documents we secured come from external store cameras in which the perpetrators with stolen cars appear falling on the facades of the shops. After breaking them then as you will see in the other two videos that the three gang members have in our possession, they will enter the interior and start looting. They even come in and out several times in order to get as many commodities and cash machines as possible. As it turns out, the perpetrators have previously employed the authorities for similar offences fell into their hands yesterday morning and were taken to the prosecutor.