Thessaloniki: “The alarm was ringing and they were inside” – Video document from home break-in

Video document from house to house to bring to the public The 1:06 video document records two people, who run away from home, who were the target of the break-in in Thessaloniki. These two are probably the lookouts, while after a few seconds there are two other men, who also run away from the spot. It all happened as the owner of the house says in on March 3, 9 to 5 at night. “There were two guys walking around, then one rings the bell twice and waits and suddenly starts kicking the door, four times too loud. The camera guy looked like he was on the phone. It looks like these two are leaving and another camera looks like a couple are running. They had lookouts who alerted them,” she points out in The happy thing was that the owner was at the store, located right next to her house, so she managed to hear the alarm. “They made it to the 2nd floor, I have nothing special, they emptied them of course, they even took fojou. A good watch, a good whistle because I’m a gymnast and a peep. I had no things of value. The alarm was ringing and they were inside. My shop is next door and I heard them. They knew I heard him because they saw me coming. I was scared, it was a strange feeling,” concludes the owner of the house that fell into burglary last week in Thessaloniki.