Giannis Xanthopoulos: How did the car accident happen in Menidi involving the well-known singer?

Karé frame the conditions of the accident in which the well-known Giannis Xanthopoulos was involved and recorded by the men of Traffic reveals the According to what has been recorded by the men of ELAS the serious car accident involving singer Giannis Xanthopoulos occurred at 5:10 on Tuesday morning (12/03/2024) in Menidi. The silver Ford Focus CMAX led by 24-year-old singer Giannis Xanthopoulos while moving on the 99 Decelia street in Menidi with direction from Varybobee to Acharnon Center, was turned left of its course and collided with the vehicle moving on the opposite current on which two friends aged 20 and 19 were on board. From the severe collision the vehicle in which the singer’s jeep reportedly fell on it which in recent weeks competes in J2US collided on a lighting column. The result of the car accident was the slight injury of Giannis Xanthopoulos and the 20-year-old driver of the other vehicle and his fatal 19-year-old passenger injury. All three people were taken to the CSD hospital by ambulance with the 20 – year – old in more serious condition. The pre-interrogation of the incident has been undertaken by the competent section of the Northeast Attica traffic, while for the dead an autopsy – an autopsy has been ordered. At the same time blood was collected to determine whether the two drivers were under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances, while the use of safety belts by the persons inside the two vehicles was not verified. Initially the two drivers were arrested for violating P.C. Articles 28 and 302 including the offence of manslaughter by negligence. Finally, with an oral order from the prosecutor of Athens, they were released. At the site of the accident were found by early friends of the 19-year-old who lost his life so unfairly on Tuesday morning (12/03/2024). As a friend pointed out as soon as he found out, he ran immediately to see where the 19-year-old was killed. Another friend of the 18-year-old said that “the one who hit them had developed speed with the car, went to pass another vehicle, someone passed the stop logically and the other driver passed over, the children came over and hit them. They were going to work.”