Thessaloniki: He was robbed in his friend’s house and held hostage for two hours

The two arrests in , were made after the young man’s complaint. Or was one leg of his martyrdom… Two persons, aged 20 and 41, were arrested in Thessaloniki at the expense of whom a case for robbery against co-operation, dangerous physical harm against co-operation, illegal retention against co-operation, acceptance and disposal of crime products against co-operation and for violation of the Arms Act. In particular, a 19-year-old complaint was preceded, according to which, at the 20-year-old’s house, in the area of Oreokastro, where he went early morning hours yesterday (31-03-2024) as they maintain friendly relations, he was attacked by 41-year-old and one more person. As quoted in a police announcement, they removed his cell phone and detained him against his will for about two hours. In an investigation that followed home, the sufferer’s cell phone was found and seized, the knife used by the perpetrators and three crates of copper cables weighing about 40 kg, the possession of which could not justify.