Message to Charles and Kate Middleton sent Camilla, Anna and Sarah Ferguson wearing green

The women of the royal family, who in recent weeks, have been dressed in green after the announcements that both he and her are faced with cancer. Queen Camila, Princess Anna and York Duchess Sarah Ferguson, chose the green color in their performances in the Easter Mass held at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle and was seen as a message to the battle of King Charles and Kate Middleton. Royal editor Afua Hagan told Express that the green color they preferred was a sign of support to the king and Kate Middleton because it is synonymous with the British charity against cancer “Macmillan Cancer Support”. “Yes, I think that could be the reason, yes, I could agree to that,” he said. Queen Camila chose a dress by designer Anna Valentine in emerald hue, matching Philip Treacy hat, while completing her appearance with a black cape. She also wore an emerald pin and diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II’s jewelry collection which was not one of her favorites, as Tatler reports. She was inherited by her grandmother, Queen Mary who had been photographed wearing her in the early 1900s.” “Green represents growth, a symbolism that matches Easter, which relates to sacrifice, resurrection and new beginnings,” said British stylist Franzesca Kerns in the same report of Express( Francesca Cairns). “Awake feelings of hope. Green is also associated with renewal and hope,” he added. Princess Anna wore a coat in light green and combined it with a hat decorated with black wings in emerald hue while preferring brown accessories. Sarah Ferguson who a few months ago was also diagnosed with breast cancer chose to appear with midi bottle coat in green color and black accessories. It is the first time the Duchess attended the mass since she broke up with Prince Andrew in 1996.