Thessaloniki: “Bloco” to 117 young police officers to map juvenile delinquency

Police officers in the city collect evidence, in an attempt to map juvenile abuse in the city… Special operational action to prevent the delinquency of minors took place on the afternoon and evening of Friday, March 29, in areas of the municipalities of Chalcedon and Delta in Thessaloniki. At selected points, a total of 117 people were checked, including 94 minors and 23 adults. Such excursions will continue in the field of preventing and tackling the phenomenon of juvenile crime. The data collected will be subject to evaluation, exploitation and investigation for the design of targeted actions in areas where there is a build-up of cases of minor infringement. The operation of the Junior Protection Sub-Directorate of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate helped police officers of the Security, Police, Alien and Direct Action Directorates of Thessaloniki.